Orientation Mentors

Orientation mentors

The transition to college life is a little easier for University of Redlands freshmen, thanks to orientation mentors.

“Welcome Week is a great way for freshmen and transfer students to get to know each other in smaller groups,” Tyler Vasquez ’14 of San Diego, one of three lead mentors, said. “It’s enriching, because you also get to work with others and see their different leadership qualities.”

Upper class¬†students apply for the orientation mentor positions through Student Life, and once they are selected start working together to plan activities that revolve around the Orientation Week theme–this year, it’s “Draw Your Own Path.”

There are 58 mentors, with each one taking an average of 12 freshmen under their wing. During Orientation Week, these small groups spend time together getting to know one another and learning about the University as a whole.

“By the end of it, I hope they can come say hi to me like they do their friends, and that I’ll be a common face for my mentees and all freshmen,” Vasquez said.

This is the first year that Nicholas Coulter ’14 of Riverside¬†participated in the orientation mentor program.

“I had thought about doing it, but wasn’t able to pull the trigger before,” he said. “Then I thought, why not do this my last year?”

Coulter was motivated by his own experience as a freshman, when he wished his orientation mentor had been more active. His goal is to give new students a proper introduction to the University of Redlands, and show them that they have someone to turn to if they need guidance.

“I want them to know that I am their peer, and not only their mentor,” he said.

Posted: August 30, 2013
Written by: Catherine Garcia

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