Professor of Government Releases New Book

University of Redlands Professor of Government Releases New Book

Global Politics in the 21st Century will be available in July

REDLANDS, June 20, 2013 – Robert J. Jackson, professor of government at the University of Redlands will release his new book “Global Politics in the 21st Century” in early July 2013. Jackson’s new book combines international relations theory, history, up-to-date research and current affairs to give the student a comprehensive, unbiased understanding of international politics. It integrates theory and traditional approaches with globalization and research on newer topics such as terrorism, the rise of new economic superpowers, and the impact of global communications and social networking to offer the ideal breadth and depth of coverage for a one-semester undergraduate course.

Jackson is the Fletcher Jones Professor of Government at the University of Redlands. He also holds the honorary positions of Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and Life Member/Visiting Fellow, Clare Hall, and Centre of International Studies University of Cambridge, England. He has recently been appointed as an associate Fellow in International Security at Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs), London, and to the international advisory Board for the Centre on Conflict and Peace Studies, a Kabul think-tank.

The author and co-author of 36 books, Jackson has also written some 50 articles in the fields of Comparative, Canadian and international politics. His latest book (with Philip Towle) is "Temptations of Power: the United States in Global Politics Since 9/11." The seventh edition of his "Politics in Canada: Culture, Institutions, Behaviour and Public Policy," and fifth edition of “Introduction to Political Science: Comparative and World Politics" and "Canadian Government in Transition" have just appeared.

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