Student Employees of the Year

Luis Gutierrez-Salinas '14

Hannah Lehmann '13

Luis Gutierrez-Salinas ’14 and Hannah Lehmann ’13 received the Student Employee of the Year awards at the Honors Convocation in April.

Gutierrez-Salinas was born in Mexico and came to California at age 6. He has been involved with the community since he was in middle school. He is pursuing a degree in history.

He began as a volunteer with Totally Kids Outreach his freshman year and by his sophomore year he was hired as the student director, working with children who are neglected. He has also been involved with Rotaract in Beaumont which enables him to help at the Cherry Festival and aid in cleaning up the community.

“I enjoy meeting new people and (knowing) whatever little help I do will improve the lives of people in the community,” he said.

He was selected for this award for the work he has done with Totally Kids Outreach. “The award was given to me by decision of Erin Sanborn and Tony Muller of the department of Community Service Learning,” he said. “It was an honor definitely.”

His future goals are to earn a master’s degree in business administration and possibly start a nonprofit.

Lehmann graduated with a degree in English. She has also been involved with the campus community. She was a member of Alpha Sigma Pi for two years, was involved in S.P.U.R.S. which is a sophomore success organization and worked on the student advancement team’s calling program.

She was nominated by Christopher Alvarez in the Development Office and received her award for the work as a student manager for that program.

“I felt that my job with the student advancement team was important because it connects the students with the University alumni,” Lehmann said. “I feel very honored.” 

Lehmann also volunteers at the Wildland’s Conservancy at the Oak Glen Preserve.“ I think it’s good to be aware of something outside of my daily life and that helps me to be involved with the community as well,” she said.

Her future goal is to have a career at a company with a mission she can get behind. “To believe in what you do is important,” she said.

Posted by: May 29, 2013
Written by: Laura Pedraza

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