Blood and Bone Marrow Drive

A University of Redlands student gives blood during a drive held on campus.

A University of Redlands student gives blood during a drive held on campus.

To honor both Art and Cece Svenson, the University of Redlands will host a blood and bone marrow drive from 12:30 to 6:30 p.m. March 27 in the Orton Center.

Dr. Art Svenson, the David Boies Professor of Government, received the 2013 Mortar Board Professor of the Year Award in late January; the drive is in recognition of both this award and of Svenson’s daughter, Cece, who died in February 2012 from complications of leukemia. She was nine years old.

“This is what Art wanted to do,” said Jacque Balderas ’13, ASUR President. “This is another wonderful dedication to the beautiful life of his late daughter, Cece.”

Donors who give blood will receive a $5 In-N-Out gift card, as well as the knowledge that they are doing something worthwhile.

“By donating blood, individuals can save up to four lives,” said Tom Sponheim, graduate management intern with Community Service Learning. “It’s an easy process and will only take an hour of your time.”

The drive will also give participants the opportunity to become part of the bone marrow registry, which is “easy and painless,” according to Sponheim.

“Bone marrow is the soft tissue that lies within the hollow interior of our longer bones,” he said. “Marrow has many crucial functions, including carrying oxygen to tissues, preventing bleeding, aiding in clotting of blood, fighting infections from bacteria, fungi, and other parasites, and remodeling tissues and bones. Every year thousands of adults and children need bone marrow transplants — a procedure which may be their only chance for survival.”

Those who decide to join the registry will fill out paperwork and then swab the inside of their cheeks. No bone marrow procedures will take place during the event.

This is the fourth and final blood drive of the year, Sponheim said. University of Redlands students will be volunteering their time during the event, helping with check-in and working the snack station for blood donors.

“If students can't attend, they can check within the community for other blood and bone marrow drives or donation centers,” he said. “They can also help by spreading the word about the drive. If you can't make this drive and you aren't graduating, there will be ample opportunity to donate next school year.”

For more information or to sign-up for blood donation, contact the Community Service Learning office at 909-748-8288.

Thurber, an English bulldog, is the University's mascot.

He is named after Clarence Howe Thurber, University president from 1933-37.

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