"Shape of Hope"

Shape of Hope Installation

Renee Azenaro, a senior lecturer in the art department, recently showed her “Shape of Hope” installation at the Blok Gallery in Belgrade Serbia. The installation, which was on display from Jan. 7-16, was created specifically for the Blok Gallery.

Azenaro spent one month constructing 200 sculpted plaster forms that were displayed in a circular form on the floor.

“The installation represents destruction and then regeneration.” Azenaro said the piece is also hopeful and the circular form of it brings to mind that life comes back anyway.

“It represents what is left over from various wars,” she said. “It is the conceptual understanding of the degree of war. At the same time the forms are individually talking about the many parts that get sucked into the destruction created by war.”

Azenaro, who has 25 years of experience and a master’s degree under her belt, draws her inspiration from observing the world around her. Her work varies from paper to installation, sculpture to video, printmaking to painting and performance. She has shown her work in galleries in Los Angeles, Greece and Romania.

Azenaro has an upcoming exhibit at the Peppers Art Gallery in October featuring her works on paper and sculptures.

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