Dentists visit University

A dozen dentists from Nippon Dental University Hospital in Tokyo visited the University of Redlands campus for five days in June to learn about swallowing disorders from Dr. Michael Groher, professor and chair of communicative disorders. This is the third year the group has visited.

Professor Takeshi Kikutani (DDS, Ph.D.) accompanied the group with three other members of his staff who work in the Rehabilitation Clinic for Speech and Swallowing Disorders. The remainder of the group included students who have completed their DDS, and are now in different stages of working towards their Ph.D. with an emphasis on either adult or pediatric swallowing disorders.

In addition to instruction from Groher, the Ph.D. students presented their current research projects in English to receive feedback from Groher on their study design and presentation style in English. All participants received a course completion certificate.

A similar program is conducted by Groher in Tokyo at the dental college hospital.

Thurber, an English bulldog, is the University's mascot.

He is named after Clarence Howe Thurber, University president from 1933-37.

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