Larry Walker '10

Larry Walker
Four years into a Chemistry/Pre-Med program at a university in Kansas in the 1980s, Larry Walker dropped out of school and moved to California. Responsibilities of family and raising children kept him from pursuing his college dream. Then, 30 years later, his red light turned green.

“My wife encouraged me to go back to school and finish my degree, something that I told her was one of the biggest regrets in my life,” he said. “I am so glad she did.”

Because of his many years working in sales, customer service and marketing, a degree in business was the obvious choice. Walker said he chose Redlands for its accreditation and value.

Today, he is director of sales and marketing for a major manufacturing firm, where he is responsible for global sales, personnel management, customer relationship development, forecasting, budgeting, business strategies, SWOT analyses, brand management and much, much more.

“More than anything,” Walker said, “I am responsible for exhibiting and maintaining the ethical and moral character of my organization.”

The values taught at Redlands have resonated strongly with Walker, who believes that leadership hinges on good character – a quality that transcends career and family.

Being a Redlands alum has given Walker a newfound confidence and direction. “As I progressed through the program at Redlands, it became painfully clear that above-average intelligence was not a direct substitute for critical thinking,” Walker said. “I had to learn how to think and react critically. Redlands provided the tools for me to access substantive information critical to making clear, relevant decisions.”

Today, Walker’s life has clear direction and value as an employee, husband, father, grandfather and community volunteer.

“The University of Redlands changed me,” Walker said. “The faculty, staff, fellow students, and alumni were committed to my success. They made me feel at home and I am one of the proudest Bulldogs to ever graduate.”

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