Brian Nuño '11

Brian Nuno

Fire is a constant danger within the 800,000-acre San Bernardino National Forest, whose soaring peaks can be seen easily from the University of Redlands campus. Once the first line of defense against the destructive flames, the forest’s seven fire lookouts were made obsolete by new fire-spotting technology in the 1970s but are still manned by some three hundred volunteers from May to November.

Alumnus Brian Nuño ’11 has visually chronicled these historic reminders of California’s past in San Bernardino National Forest Fire Lookouts—a photographic guide to the towers—as his community service project during his time at Redlands.

“The towers are antiques, but they’re still very much in use,” said Nuño, who works for the U.S. Forest Service at the San Bernardino Airtanker Base. “The Forest Service has never seen a book like this. They were absolutely ecstatic when I brought it in.”

Cogeneration Plant
Cogeneration Plant

The state-of-the-art power facility enables the University to produce a majority of its own energy and has reduced the campus’s carbon footprint by 33 percent.

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