Kaz Takeda

Kaz Takeda

School of Business

Kaz Takeda ‘12 had his eyes set on pursuing a master’s program for a long time. Friends advised him do it before he had kids, but his career in Industrial Engineering deferred that and next thing he knew, Susan (his wife) and Kaz welcomed their daughter Alexandra, 21 years ago, and two years later they had their son Ryan.

Susan was working on her undergrad at California State University, Fullerton which inspired Takeda to return to school. He also wanted to motivate his kids and set a good example. Once his son was a senior in high school and his daughter Alexandra was a sophomore at the University of Redlands he decided it was a good time to start his graduate degree.

Takeda chose University of Redlands for his MBA and liked the ability to select an emphasis. He selected GIS as his emphasis as something completely different from his normal role and also because it was taught on the Redlands main campus on Saturdays. This allowed Takeda the bonus of being able to meet up with his daughter Alexandra from time to time.

Another inspiration for Takeda to start his master’s was a personal goal to teach Industrial Engineering at the university level. Two weeks before finishing his capstone project, USC called Takeda asking how he was coming along with his MBA and offered him an industry faculty role to teach Engineering Management in their ISE masters program. Takeda just finished teaching his first class this spring.

Alexandra and Kaz will receive their University of Redlands degrees on May 26, 2012 at the Redlands campus. Alexandra will receive her B.A. in English with honors from the College of Arts and Sciences and Kaz will receive his MBA from the School of Business.

The University has a long tradition of encouraging and supporting study abroad.

More than 47 percent of Redlands undergraduates participate in study abroad programs.

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