Dorothy Catanese ‘12

Redlands had dual appeal to senior Dorothy Catanese ‘12—an art history department and close proximity to home.

“After I got here, I found the campus feel amazing, not simply because of how beautiful it looks but because of the friendly atmosphere I was welcomed with. Now I have a great group of friends and have had opportunities to take part in organizations on campus.”

One of those organizations, FIE (Fidelity Isonomy Erudition, a co-ed siblinghood based in community service) has been a difficult yet rewarding experience for Dorothy.

“It has helped me grow up in a lot of ways, and to realize that there is so much that I can do with my life if I take the chance to help those around me. Learning this with a group of passionate individuals who are willing to support and challenge me is something that will stay with me for a lifetime.”

Neither of Dorothy’s parents attended college, but the art history major is one of four sisters who are currently enrolled in either a four-year institution or plan to transfer from community college.

Cal Grant played a huge role in Dorothy coming to Redlands.

“If I didn’t have the Cal Grant, I would have been too much of a financial burden on my parents. I wouldn’t want to attend a private university, let alone a school for higher education, knowing what my family would have to sacrifice to make that possible. I would have most likely continued working at my high school job and would work to help my family and save for college.”

Dorothy hopes in the future to continue to help others.

“My goal is to work in a museum as a curator and to use my influential position to help give a voice to those in the art world (past, present and future) who have been marginalized and ridiculed because they do not align themselves with the conventions of the conservative art historic record that has dominated the public’s opinion and knowledge of art for far too long.”

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