Senior Art Show 2012

Senior Art Show 2012

The 2012 Senior Art Show in the University Art Gallery begins May 1 and concludes with a reception on May 23. Graduating seniors pursuing majors or minors in art will present their final work for the culmination of their degree studies.  

  • Mia Buckland—Photography
  • Samantha Cox—Photography
  • Gioia DiMicco—Painting and Drawing
  • Lauren Evans—Graphic Design
  • Ashley Finke—Photography
  • Rebekah Harris—Photography
  • Katie Lebel—Photography
  • Michael Massari—Graphic Design
  • Michelle Miller—Graphic Design
  • Scott Pena—Graphic Design
  • Erica Samaniego—Photography
  • Alyssa Segen—Graphic Design and Art History Minor
  • Lane Smith—Graphic Design
  • Gretchen Stankey—Graphic Design
  • Courtney Stumpo—Graphic Design
  • Sarah Tolani—Graphic Design
  • Claire White—Graphic Design
  • Alexandra Yacavone—Painting and Drawing

In their own words

Claire White

My senior project is a book of illustrated poetry that is written by a series of unknown authors, many who attend this school. I collaborated with them to create visual art from their art of language and join the forces between two of the most powerful forms of self expression. I feel like everyone in this book is a dreamer and I want their dreams to be seen just as I would like the world to see mine.

Michael Massari

I created a baseball card set and that was a great feeling. What I completed was a very special piece of work to me and I'm trying to communicate to people that I think the collection of these cards is a lost art. I understand that baseball might not be everyone's favorite hobbies, but collecting cards in general is a unique fashion that I'd like to see respected more.

Mia Buckland

I want to paint a picture of my culture, my generation. Show how we interact with our environment in a culture that is changing and a world where technology is taking over. My expression is taking pictures of people in youth culture expressing themselves in whatever way they see fit.

Lane Smith

I put everything I have into my work. I arrange my life around getting my pieces out into the world. I think the work you make has to be sincere, otherwise its not worth it. I want people to stop for a second and think about how we treat and perceive each other as human beings, then take those thoughts and apply them to making society a better place for all of us.

Sarah Tolani

This project in particular hits home for me because I drew a lot of inspiration from my childhood, when I was first discovering the differences of my lifestyle to those around me. My ethnicity has always set me apart from my surroundings, and I have learned to embrace that. I feel lucky enough to have the exposure to such diverse cultures, and hope to share that through my work.

Erica Samaniego

Being in a class with all these people since the beginning of the year and watching all the projects develop from just an idea into physical works of art was amazing. I want viewers of my work to have a reaction, any sort of reaction, and enjoy it in one way or another. I feel I have the knowledge to get my artwork out there now.

Rebekah Harris

For my culminating project, I decided to produce a photographic body of work centralized around the relationship between man-made and natural items in many shapes and forms. Many of my photographs bring to life small moments within this conflict that many people may let go unnoticed.

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