October 2011

DailyBulletin: I.E. protest groups ponder consolidating Occupy movement efforts
Daily Bulletin, SB Sun, Redlands Daily Facts
Renee Van Vechten, a political science professor at the University of Redlands, said the movement shouldn’t be dismissed by detractors. “As a group, they’re articulating a set of deep-seated concerns, frustrations and fears about where America is and where it’s headed,” Van Vechten said.

A Son of Utah with Grit - Lt. Commander William E. Hall, USNR, Medal of Honor (1913-1996)
Hawaii Reporter
William E. Hall was born in Storrs Utah on October 31, 1913, and was raised there. After finishing high school in Utah and graduating from University of Redlands in California…

Obituary: Robert Pierpoint
Press Democrat, Post-Gazette
After naval service in World War II, he graduated from the University of Redlands in California, then did graduate work in Stockholm and was ... 

Longtime CBS News White House, war correspondent Robert Pierpoint dies in California at 86
Associated Press
Born May 16, 1925, in Redondo Beach, Calif., Pierpoint joined the Navy in 1943 but didn’t see action. He graduated from the University of Redlands, where his papers and archives are now kept, in 1948.

The Sun: Redlands economists see lagging retail activity
San Bernardino Sun, Whittier Daily News, Daily Bulletin and other sources
Retail sales up and down the state – and particularly within the Inland Empire – lagged well below pre-recession levels last year, according to a recent University of Redlands analysis.

Educators warn that state funding at 'dangerous' levels
Inland News Today
State funding for education is at a historic low, and spending cuts have put area school districts at “dangerous levels” of personnel. That’s the concern of top local educators during a symposium at the University of Redlands.

ScienceOnline2011 – interview with Kiyomi Deards
“I am the only one who holds degrees in all four areas: the arts (performing), sciences, social sciences, and humanities. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with minors in Music and History from the University of Redlands, followed by a Master of Science in Library and Information Science at Drexel University.”

Redlands Faculty Member Honored with Film Award
Monty Hempel, Hedco Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Redlands, has won the John Muir Award for best environmental film at the 2011 Yosemite International Film Festival.

Election 2011: Two compete for open seat on Civil Service Board
Tacoma Weekly
Anita Latch writes: "I am the best candidate because I earned my undergraduate BA degree at the University of Redlands in 1998 and have taught public school."

Looking for football love in all the right places
Los Angeles Times

The Times' Chris Erskine feeds his lifelong passion at a Division III game between Cal Lutheran and the University of Redlands. Turns out, with so many twists, the game may be in his all-time top five.

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Redlands has 12 recent Fulbright Scholar recipients.

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