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Year-over-Year Job Numbers Only Slightly Up for Southern California; Down for Inland Empire

Bing Bai, University of Redlands School of Business faculty member

September 16, 2011—ISEA study finds slower year-over-year job growth in California has weakened some of its growth centers as compared to last month. Significant job growth is still seen in San Jose area. More modest, but also more geographically widespread job growth can be found in San Diego, Ventura, and Orange County.

This month's report indicates that both the year over year and month-over-month job growth appears sluggish with more widespread stagnant (yellow) areas in California especially noticeable in Los Angeles County where the large (green) growth area, observed last month, disappeared; instead, stagnant (yellow) zones with even patchy decreasing (orange) areas are common. The total number of jobs created still etched up in Southern California with the exception of the Inland Empire where job numbers dropped 0.6% year-over-year, as researchers of the Institute for Spatial Economic Analysis (ISEA) at the University of Redlands, School of Business have observed.

Southern California specifically appears stagnant (yellow) with a few (orange) declining areas such as in Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, and the south area of Riverside County indicating 1% to 3% job losses. The only exception in Southern California is the Bakersfield area where modest job growth of 1% to 3% can be observed.

In Southern California, the general pattern of the previous months can again be observed with some changes in local areas: 

  • Areas in the vicinity of centers are faring slightly better than peripheral areas;
  • The coastal areas outperform the inland region, however with shrinking (green) growth zones in L.A. where most areas appear idle compared to the modest to significant job growth last month, although the absolute number of jobs increased 0.2% year over year; 
  • San Diego County remains the leading location in Southern California where most areas have seen 1% to 3% job growth year-over-year; 
  • Orange County appears more patchy with shrinking green zones (again, year-over-year); 
  • The significant job growth in Bakersfield last month disappeared though modest pattern can still be observed. Interestingly, however, Bakersfield is the only area in Southern California that sees somewhat significant job growth both year over year and month over month. 
  • Ventura County continues with modest job growth and expanding (green) growth zones (year over year).

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