Military-Friendly Schools

Military students have unique needs, and military-friendly schools have programs to meet them. The military-friendly logo on the school’s website indicates they offer at least some of the following benefits:
  • Tuition and other discounts Your G.I. benefits may not cover the entire cost of college. Most military-friendly schools offer tuition discounts, scholarships, fee waivers, or concessions for textbooks. Your dependents may also qualify for some discounts.
  • Generous Transfer Policies You may have accumulated credits from various community colleges. Military-friendly schools often let you transfer many of these credits. Some may give you credit for your military training or experience. 
  • No Penalties if You’re Called Back to Service If you’re deployed, many military schools will let you withdraw without financial or academic penalties, as long as you provide approved documentation. You can continue your studies when your service has ended.
  • Flexible Schedules Most military-friendly schools offer flexible evening and weekend courses for those unable to attend class during the day.

Military-friendly colleges and universities may offer additional benefits. Make a list of your preferred schools and then call to find the one that’s best for you.


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