Take Your Dog to Work Day

Take Your Dog to Work Day

In anticipation of the 12th annual “Take Your Dog To Work Day” today (June 24), University of Redlands mascot Thurber took his young siblings along for a “day in the office” and a visit with University President James Appleton.

Thurber and some of his new siblings, born in April, got a warm welcome and some words of advice from Dr. Appleton in the president’s office on the third floor of the Administration Building.

Please click on the link for video segments of their visit (note: if the clip does not immediately open up with a “play” function and option, the clip can be downloaded.

It isn’t uncommon at the University of Redlands to see Thurber or members of his Bulldog family romping around campus. Being one of the few universities in the U.S. still to have a live mascot, many days at the Redlands campus become a “take your dog to work day.” The tradition of having a live mascot began on campus in 1918.

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