Fulbright Scholarship Sends Graduate to Germany

REDLANDS, CA (June 21, 2011)—Recent University of Redlands graduate Sam Boutelle, of Beloit, Wis., will be traveling to Germany this summer to conduct research under a Fulbright scholarship.

Boutelle is one of nine Fulbright scholars to emerge from the University of Redlands in the past four years. He is a 2007 graduate of the Conserve School in Land O’ Lakes.

"When you compare our ratio of applicants to awards, Redlands is highly competitive with the major research institutions,” said Jack Osborn, a University of Redlands business professor who advises students during the application process for a Fulbright.

Boutelle, who is the first graduate of the University’s unique Johnston Center for Integrative Studies to receive a Fulbright scholarship, will research food programs in German public schools.

“After a deep investigation into the history and politics of American nutrition, and school meals in particular, I am very excited to have the opportunity to explore those issues in another country,” said Boutelle.

Boutelle, in addition to his Johnston Center studies, was a Proudian Interdisciplinary Scholar in the University of Redlands honors program for exceptional students, a volunteer at an eco village in Lebanon and participated in the Council on International Educational Exchange in Jordan in 2010.

Boutelle is among seven Fulbright scholars from the University who were selected to study or teach in Germany, which Osborn says speaks well for the German language program.

Fulbright awards are the highest and most competitive awards for overseas research or teaching given by the federal government to approximately 1,500 graduating seniors. Annually only 11 percent of all Fulbright awards are given to undergraduate students.

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