The Burbank Regional Campus

Located near the studios of Disney, Universal and NBC, the Burbank regional campus is home to programs for the School of Business.

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Burbank Regional Campus

Located in the hub of the nation's entertainment industry, the School of Business Burbank campus is just off the Olive Avenue exit from I-5 in downtown Burbank in the Citibank building on Magnolia Avenue.

We serve business leaders and professionals seeking career advancement, networking, and entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as working adults completing their first college degree.

Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Zaraya


Undergraduate: California State University: Northridge, BS in Business Law '13

Graduate: University of Redlands, Master of Business Administration '17

Current Position: Principle Product Manager - Virtual Assistance, Mobile, & User Experience

Favorite Class: Capstone

Favorite Professor: Professor Backstrom, Ed.D.

Fondest Memory: The staff, teachers, and bonding experiences made with my cohort. The amount of thought and strategy that went on in some of the classrooms at Redlands are memories and educational experiences that I will never forget.

What is your field of specialty, and how did you come to work in the industry? My field of specialty is technology with a growing focus on virtual assistance and artificial intelligence. I have worked on a vast amount of projects in various industries - Healthcare Innovation being the latest.  I have always been fascinated by technology and its effect on people's daily lives, its ability to connect individuals far and close, and the way it simply makes life easier and more efficient. My passion has led me into my career.

In one word, how would you describe Burbank campus?  Collaborative. The administration, teachers, and students at Redlands work together. Whether it's assignments or simply feedback on making processes better, everyone is always open to constructive criticism and a collaborative work environment to create the most functional educational experience possible.

What advice would you give Redlands students? Develop relationships with your teachers. The teachers at Redlands want to help you, see that you are working hard to develop your character and build a better you. Many of the teachers at Redlands come from strong backgrounds in large companies and consulting firms. Being a bi-product of their teachings and overall life experience has enhanced my ability to make a decision in the stressful work environment many of us are entrenched in.


What is your favorite aspect of your current job? The favorite aspect of my current job is that I have the ability to change peoples' lives through technology - It's my passion and the reason why I look forward to coming to work every single day. My current position single handedly stands responsible to make a physician's time more efficient so that they no longer have to worry about a number of patients they see but rather the experience behind it and bringing compassion back into healthcare.