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The rush hour generally lasts from 6-9:00 a.m. and from 3-7:00 p.m. Much of this time traffic runs smoothly, if slowly. Accidents can slow things down a little or a great deal. Reporters will occasionally refer to a slow-down as a “Sigalert.” When you hear this, prepare for additional travel time and study your freeway map to find another route if possible.

Tune to radio station KNX 1070 AM for updated traffic information every 10 minutes.

Visit to get real-time traffic information for the greater Los Angeles area.

Drive Times

Prospective students often schedule more than one campus visit in a day. Here are approximate driving times to or from a number of other cities and Southern California colleges.

To/from Other Colleges
University of California at Riverside
30 minutes
The Claremont Colleges
45 minutes
Whittier College
1 hour
University of Southern California
1 1/4 hours
Occidental College
90 minutes
University of California at Los Angeles
90 minutes
Loyola Marymount
90 minutes
University of San Diego
2 hours
University of California at San Diego
2 hours
Pepperdine University
2 hours
University of California at Santa Barbara
3 hours

To/from Other Cities
San Francisco
8 hours
7 hours
Las Vegas
4 hours
Santa Monica
1-3/4 hours
Los Angeles
1-1/2 hours
1-1/4 hours
Palm Springs
1 hour


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