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5th Annual ALURA Recipient

Dr. Pat Wasielewski (Sociology & Anthropology) and Alexandra (Allie) Bollella (2013 ALURA Recipient)On Tuesday, April 2nd students, faculty, and library faculty and staff gathered in the Armacost Library to celebrate undergraduate research that demonstrates maturity in the approach to research and excellence in critical thinking.

The ALURA Selection Committee congratulated Alexandra (Allie) Bollella as the 2013 recipient of the Armacost Library Undergraduate Research Award (ALURA) for her paper titled, "Bridging the Divide: A Comparative Analysis of the Feminist Movement in Turkey and the United States." Both Allie and her faculty advisor Dr. Pat Wasielewski discussed the research process, from initial ideas to navigating the literature from multiple disciplinary fields.


 Information Literacy Faculty Showcase

Melissa Cardenas-Dow Michael Groher Janelle Julagay Scott Randolph

Melissa Cardenas-Dow

Armacost Library

Michael Groher

Communicative Disorders

Janelle Julagay

Armacost Library

Scott Randolph

Business Administration

This year's Showcase highlighted several methods of integrating information and library research literacy into coursework.

Michael Groher, Ph.D. (Communicative Disorders) and Melissa Cardenas-Dow, M.L.I.S. (Library) help CDIS 310: Junior Seminar students make connections between clinical practice and research over two workshops. Students learn and use disciplinary language and databases to critically read research literature, write research summaries, and analyze research.

In BUS 226: The Rise of American Capitalism, what started as a two-workshop model grew into a semester-long lab. Scott Randolph, Ph.D. (Business Administration) and Janelle Julagay, M.L.I.S. (Library) help students develop skills ranging from deciphering and following footnotes to learning how to ask questions of primary sources.

Gabriela Sonntag, M.L.I.S. (Library) showcased an activity to help students understand the purpose and value of literature review assignments. Students learn how to read an abstract to discern the methodology, hypotheses, results, and gaps in the research.

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