Radioactivism Film

Screening of "Ashes to Honey: Toward A Sustainable Future"
(Hitomi Kamanaka, 2010)
6 p.m. Tuesday, May 17 at the Orton Center
Director’s talk and Q&A will follow, and light refreshments will be served

Hitomi Kamanaka, a Japanese documentary filmmaker well-known for her trilogy on the danger of nuclear energy, will visit our campus on May 17 to show her latest work, released in Japan last year. The film’s U.S. premier will be later this month at the University of Chicago, so our screening is a sneak preview.

The film, "Ashes to Honey: Toward A Sustainable Future," captures the heroic struggle of a small island community in Japan that has tenaciously resisted the planned construction of a nuclear power plant for nearly three decades. Kamanaka also takes us to Sweden to show how a sustainable energy system is becoming a reality in that nation. Released just before the Fukushima nuclear crisis, the film is currently attracting critical attention and grassroots support in Japan and beyond.

Frank and incisive, yet often warm and humorous, Kamanaka’s films ask informed and intelligent questions urgently relevant to Redlands located only 50 miles from the aging San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

More information about the director and her work can be found on the Facebook event listing (Use “Radioactivism in Japan and Beyond”).

“Radioactivism in Japan and Beyond: Grassroots Resistance and Alternatives to Nuclear Energy” is organized by the Asian Studies program and supported by the Science Center, the Office of Campus Diversity and Inclusion, and the English department.

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