Puppies Visit Campus

Every good mentor knows the value of on-the-job experience—and University mascot Thurber is no exception. That’s why he rounded up his seven younger brothers and sisters and brought them to campus June 24 on “Take Your Dog To Work Day.”

The puppies, born April 23 to Thurber’s mother, Talulah, first joined Thurber in his office, where he met with students and staff. Then he took them out for a romp on Peppers Lawn and finally up the stairs of the Administration Building to meet with University President James Appleton.

After greeting the puppies, Appleton sat down with Thurber to get things figured out. Appleton said that Thurber’s job might just be more difficult than his own, and wondered aloud as to which poses more challenges—working with people or working with dogs.

None of Thurber’s siblings are next in line for the position of mascot. Thurber has many years ahead of him in that capacity. Instead, the puppies will go to new homes in the next few weeks.

Follow the puppies' progress on Thurber's blog, Thurb’s Blurbs.

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