Festival draws record crowd

Multicultural Festival 2011

Despite rainy weather that led up to the event, Koby Rodriguez, special projects coordinator for the Office of Campus Diversity & Inclusion, reported a record crowd of people who listened to music from around the world, participated in the healthy living section and brought children who enjoyed the kids’ corner. The crowd also included Redlands students who were given the space to display their activist projects. The crowd was forced off the quad a bit early due to rain, but organizers hope to bring the same spirit of the Multicultural Festival next year. 

“I see Living on Common Ground as a celebration of all that we do on this campus to bring people together, regardless of their individual identifications. The Festival provides a chance for celebration, participation, laughter, questions and answers and town-gown participation. It is little wonder that such an event has entered its third decade. It addresses a fundamental need in all of us to find common ground with one another and build community.”

-Leela MadhavaRau, associate dean for Campus Diversity and Inclusion

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