Green Week

Students go green for week of awareness

The University community turned green last week, not with jealousy, but with a greater awareness of sustainability.

Green Week was part of the on-going effort from the SEA Club to better educate the campus on the effects of being green, the reality of their carbon footprints and conserving necessities such as water.

The week began with the building of raised beds, weeding and cleaning the sustainable garden on campus. The garden, which has been growing for about one year, is an effort of the University community to produce sustainable and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Other events included:

• “Trayless” dinner, where students were asked to not use a tray to both conserve water intake during the washing process and to lower the amount of food that goes to waste.
• A discussion with Dr. Birute Galdikas on the natural habitat of orangutans and effects of deforestation.
• An SEA-sponsored Greenapalooza! on Saturday night at the Brown Amphitheatre. The event, which also served as a fundraiser, included two lives bands and a raffle for a refurbished bike donated by Outdoor programs.

The money fundraised from Greenapalooza will be donated to El Salvador, to help a community of farmers with their lands.

SEA co-president Franco Guzman, ’12, said, “We have a friend who graduated from here, who works in the Peace Corps, and she told us about farmers struggling with finding sustainable land to farm in.”

The event raised $686.46. The club will make up the difference to be able to send $1,000.

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