Recyclemania 2014


It’s time for the University of Redlands to once again compete in the Recyclemania intercollegiate competition.

“The purpose of the program is to raise awareness among our campus community about how and what is recyclable on campus,” Jenny Sorenson, associate director of facilities operations, said. “This is the second year that the University of Redlands has been involved in this competition. This is a group effort and there is involvement from Facilities Management as well as several campus organizations and departments.”

Sorenson saw what a difference was made during Recyclemania in 2013, and is hoping for a repeat.

“Last year during the competition we tripled our weekly recycling tonnage,” she said. “This increased effort - made primarily by students, but happening campus wide - not only raises revenue for the campus but helps our community in its efforts toward a more sustainable living and learning community.”

Recyclemania will run for eight weeks, and consist of several events through March 29:

Wednesday, Feb. 5 – Waste Sorting. Facilities Management and ASUR are partnering to conduct a sorting of waste in Hunsaker Plaza during the lunch hour. Students and community members will be able to come and learn what is and isn’t recyclable on campus and where recycle bins are located. Facilities staff will be sorting items that were placed in the trash bins at the Armacost Library to show how much potentially recyclable material is currently being thrown in the trash. They will also sort recycle bins from the Armacost Library to show how much contamination gets mixed in with the recycling.

Sunday, Feb. 9: Residence Hall and Greek Life Competition Start Date. Residence Halls and Greeks will compete for who can recycle the most materials over seven weeks. The winners will receive a monetary stipend to be used for their hall. The Greek organizations will also be competing for the title of Greenest Organization.

Week of Feb. 16: Community Service Learning and Outdoor Programs will team up to host an off-campus trip promoting sustainability. CHAMPS and Big Buddies will work with local children to create art from recyclable materials. An art contest and exhibition will take place Wednesday, Feb. 19 in Hunsaker Plaza, with the University community voting for the best artwork.

Week of March 9: ASUR will be “Catching Students Green-Handed” and awarding prizes to those they discover reducing, reusing, or recycling.

Week of March 16: Students for Environmental Action (SEA) will host several events across campus for Green Week.

Saturday, March 29: The winner of the Residence Hall competition will be announced, and students and community members will have the chance to celebrate at the Sustainability Festival.

For more information on Recyclemania, please click here.

Posted: Jan. 29, 2014 

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