Top 10 Stories of 2013

University of Redlands

University of Redlands Media Sensations for 2013

The University of Redlands generates close to 5,000 media stories a year about faculty, students, alumni and their achievements. In celebration, the public relations team counted down the Top 10 breakthrough stories that garnered significant Internet, social media, or traditional media fame for the University of Redlands during 2013.


#10 Dr. Tyler Nordgren Continues to Rock the Sky News

University of Redlands physicist Tyler Nordgren made big news in 2012 when he designed the sundial that accompanied the NASA rover Curiosity to Mars. News outlets continued to seek his expertise as a source for their stories in 2013, such as the Huffington Post science writer who asked for Nordgren’s comments as comet ISON headed towards a close encounter with the Sun, and the LA Times reporter who asked for a reflection on Mars exploration on Red Planet Day in November.


#9 Public Radio Series Explores the Topic of Dual-Language Education

KPCC’s “Take Two” program featured an audio interview with Dr. Barbara Conboy, associate professor in the department of Communicative Disorders, whose research and expertise contributed significantly to the Pasadena-based public radio station’s series about dual-language education in California. In addition to the radio interview, Conboy’s work was featured in a video interview published on KPCC’s online news site that is designed to explore issues-driven news.


#8 School of Business is Federal Grant Recipient

The School of Business and Coachella Valley Economic Partnership (CVEP) as co-grantees received a $200,000 federal grant as part of the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership, earning local, online, nationaltrade and wire coverage. University of Redlands business faculty will use their considerable analytical and GIS prowess to help the CVEP and its region’s businesses develop strategies for job creation.


#7 Financial Crisis Holds Ethics Lessons for Business Schools

The Los Angeles Times prominently featured two School of Business professors and photographs on campus for a story on business ethics. Dr. Jeffrey Smith and his work for the Banta Center for Business, Ethics, and Society was instrumental in making this one happen.


#6 Korean Television Drama Films on Campus

Korean TV drama "The Heirs" filmed on campus at the University of Redlands and received extensive social media coverage in September with the hubbub around the lead actor Lee Min Ho considered the “Justin Beiber” of Korea. More than 35 Redlands students served as extras, including our cheer squad.


#5 School of Education Receives National Council on Teacher Quality Accolades

When the School of Education was recognized in June by the National Council on Teacher Quality as one of four schools in California to excel at preparing teachers, our PR team made hay and earned coverage regionally via the Los Angeles Newspaper Group network, in the LA market with the LA Times, and via additional wire visibility.


#4 Spring Break Plunge is About Community Service

University of Redlands undergraduate students traveled to new York to help with rebuilding efforts in areas affected by Superstorm Sandy, a story of community service and selfless giving that was told through hometown, regional and broadcast coverage in the LA market.


#3 ISEA Studies Yield Predictions

The Institute of Spatial and Economic Analysis, or “ISEA,” housed within the School of Business issued a study on income inequality that garnered coverage by the LA Times in June. In addition, ISEA’s mid-year housing report was cited as a source by several media outlets who took different reporting approaches, noting that housing had hit a peak, or was remaining stagnant, while ISEA’s mid-year employment report garnered coverage about job predictions remaining a “mixed bag” for inland cities.


#2 Professor Authors New Book on 17th Karmapa

Dr. Karen Derris, religious studies professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, edited the book “The Heart is Noble” based on her experience with her travel abroad program to India where students visited with and learned from His Holiness, the 17th Karmapa. Media coverage included local newspaper, regional KVCR-radio interview, national and articles, and LA market broadcast, with KCAL-9 News.


#1 Faculty Expert Lends Knowledge to Dr. Who 50th Anniversary

Dr. Piers Britton, associate professor of visual and media studies, served as media source for the 50th anniversary of internationally popular TV show Dr. Who, and was so spot on that six major media outlets were interested in talking with him or building their stories around his knowledge—LA Times (print and online), Forbes, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, Village Voice, and Huffington Post. Dr. Britton, who literally “wrote the book” on Dr. Who and who teaches an undergraduate class on the subject, earned the #1 spot for media coverage for 2013.

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