Leslie Brody Featured Author


The works of creative writing professor and chair Leslie Brody, spanning many years and several genres, are on display now in the University Bookstore.

Each month a different faculty author is chosen to be showcased, and Brody is “delighted” to be November’s selection.

“It means a lot to me to have been selected by the employees of our on-campus bookstore,” she said.

Brody helped create the display, which includes photographs and copies of her books “Irrepressible: The Life and Times of Jessica Mitford” and “Red Star Sister.”

“I’ve heaped a lot of stuff on the table,” she said. “It was a good opportunity to pull together the books I’ve written, and the anthologies and magazines in which I’ve been published over the years. When my students stop by the table, they’ll see literary magazines like ‘Mothra,’ and ‘Boxcar: A Journal of the Women’s Itinerant Hobo’s Union,’ which I edited and published when I was their age.”

According to Brody, it’s important for students to see that their teachers “practice what they preach.”

“Writing is about the creative process, but it is also about being part of the literary landscape, joining the fray, getting published,” she said. “The consolidation of some presses, the recent closure of many others, the ongoing loss of bookstores and the explosion of web-based literature have made the concept of publication a different kind of adventure. In the end, we writers want our work, which we’ve spent so much time perfecting, to be read by others. There is nothing more wonderful than holding a real book in your hand.”

Soon, readers will be able to pick up two more books by Brody.

“I am wrapping up a novel called ‘Freefall’ set in Amsterdam in the 1970s, which features Irish smugglers, Lithuanian bootleggers and Cuban spies,” she said. “I’m also writing a collection of biographical essays about dissident journalists and counterculture artists. Wish me luck!”

Posted: Nov. 20, 2013
Written by: Catherine Garcia

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