PAH-FEST Winners

UR PAH-FEST winners

Photo courtesy University of Redlands School of Music

The Votes Are In

After 300,000 views, votes were registered online between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 29. Competition winners were announced the same day at a screening in San Francisco that was simulcast via Skype to Redlands.


Tone Poem: (Two winners)

  • Filmmaker: Fernando Cerda University of Redlands
    Fernando says he has a lifelong goal to use his interdisciplinary approach to art and to integrate his life's passions into creating work that is not only technically sound but that provokes conceptual interpretations.
    Composer: Sakari Dixon '14 University of Redlands
    Sakari will graduate this year with a major in music composition and Spanish minor.
  • Filmmaker: Alex Penate (SFAI)
    Composer: Cheyne Forgerson '16 University of Redlands master's student
    In 2013 Cheyne earned a bachelor's degree in guitar performance from the University of Redlands where he is currently studying music composition as a master’s student.

Best Score: Ian Sharpe '15 University of Redlands 
Ian studies music and theatrical arts at Redlands, is a 10-year avid oboist as well as songwriter and composer.

One Shot Challenge: Alina Ozerova (SFAI)

Filmmakers' Challenge (overall top film won by Redlands team)

  • Filmmakers:
    Carlie Kozlowich '14 University of Redlands
    Carlie currently attends the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies where she majors in “Wanderlust”, which includes studying languages, linguistics, creative writing, and film, to name a few topics.
    Hannah Lim '14 University of Redlands 
    Hannah is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in piano performance in the School of Music, and works as a student audio engineer there.
  • Composer: Ian Sharpe '15 University of Redlands (see above)

Founder's Award for Musical Score: (selected personally by Christopher Coppola)

  • Kyle Hnedak '14 University of Redlands
    Kyle says his musical training began at the guitar, though he quickly became enamored of composition. He strives to create music that is exciting to listen to, challenging to perform, and interesting to study.

Creativity Awards: (both selected personally by Christopher Coppola)

  • Carlie Kozlowich '14 University of Redlands (see above) and
  • Laura Evans '16 University of Redlands
    Laura is a sophomore at the University of Redlands pursuing a bachelor's in violin performance and composition. Laura has been playing violin since age 2. She is a third-generation violinist, following after her mother and grandmother, and she played on her first student recital at the age of 3.
  • Pedro Verdin (SFAI) and Ian Sharpe '15 University of Redlands (see above) 


Vote and attend awards ceremony Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013

The film entries for PAH-FEST are posted on and the winners will be chosen by the most online votes. Voting will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 29.  There will be prizes for the best film, best score, best actor/actress and best director. Online voting is open to the public and highly encouraged. The winning films will be screened at the Awards Ceremony simultaneously in the Loewe Performance Hall in Watchorn Hall and Studio 8 at SFAI 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 29.

Christopher Coppola

Christopher Coppola visits Redlands

More than 20 students from the School of Music at University of Redlands and film students from the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) met on campus with well-known filmmaker Christopher Coppola Saturday, Sept. 21 at the launch event for the 2013 Alma Mater PAH-FEST in the University's Loewe Performance Hall. Coppola presented students with a challenge and gave them the guidelines to follow for the film competition part of PAH-FEST.

The students from SFAI joined the launch event via Skype. "My two schools are working together in terms of putting musicians and filmmakers together in a film crew experience," Coppola said. He currently heads the Film Program at SFAI and attended University of Redlands.

The Redlands and SFAI students were assigned team members including musicians, composers, cinematographers, writers, directors, copywriters and editors. The teams will have one week to complete their films with the equipment provided by Coppola's PAH-FEST organization.

"We're excited to work with you and look forward to seeing the projects that will be the product of this festival," said Andrew Glendening, dean of the School of Music, to the SFAI students via Skype.

Christopher Coppola at Redlands


The are three competitions as part of 2013 Alma Mater PAH-FEST: Cell Phone Art, Tone Poem and the Filmmaker's Challenge. The Cell Phone Art Contest involves creating a one-minute or less video using their own video-enabled cell phone to explore the theme of "Sky High." For the Tone Poem competition, a composer/filmmaker team will take the theme "Scratching the Surface" and turn into a two-minute piece of visual imagery for their original music. Finally, for the Filmmaker's Challenge, film crew teams will create pieces following the theme of "Not of this World" which has to be exactly 5 minutes in length not including title and final credits.

The films will be posted on on Sunday, Sept. 29 and the winners will be chosen by the most online votes. There will be prizes for the best film, best score, best actor/actress and best director. Online voting is open to the public and highly encouraged.

Coppola ended the launch event with one question to the competitors. "Are you guys ready to rock?"

Written by: Patty Zurita 
Posted: Sept. 22, 2013

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