Redlands Symphony


The 2013-14 Redlands Symphony season will start with a bang on Oct. 12 at the Memorial Chapel,¬†when the Symphony presents “Connect with a Better World,” showcasing pieces by Johannes Brahms, Paul Hindemith, and William Walton.

“It will feature some incredibly powerful music that many of our patrons may not have heard before,” Chris Myers, general manager, said. “It’s going to be a dramatic night of gorgeous, lyrical music.”

This season, the Redlands Symphony plans on using its “Connect” theme to bring audience members closer to the music, the performers, and each other.

“As Maestro [Jon] Robertson and our artistic staff discussed the season, we kept coming back to the idea that music is a powerful force which connects us with so many of life’s most important moments,” Myers said. “We’ve all had the amazing experience of being vividly transported back to a cherished memory by hearing just a few seconds of a familiar tune. This season, we decided to explore different aspects of how music connects us with the world around us. Each concert explores a different aspect of this connection.”

According to Myers, Symphony attendees will have a more emotional response attending the concerts, as opposed to listening to recorded music.

“In a live concert, you’re joining with hundreds of other people to experience drama and beauty being created in front of your eyes by the region’s greatest artists,” Myers said. “So often in today’s world, we retreat into solitude, absorbing art and entertainment on our own. It’s important for us to look up from our phones and realize that we are social creatures and that it’s vital to our emotional and spiritual health to share these experiences with others. Words aren’t able to describe the energy that flows from the interaction between performers and the audience. There’s a miraculous sense of community and catharsis that occurs when so many people come together and share the same emotional journey and are part of such a profound, yet ephemeral, event.”

The season will run through April 2014, giving the community several months of beautiful music.

“The people of Redlands are justifiably proud that this organization has been bringing world-class performances of the world’s greatest music to the community for so many decades,” Myers said.

For more information on the Redlands Symphony or to buy tickets, click here.

Posted: Sept. 20, 2013
Written by: Catherine Garcia

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