Office of the Chaplain

Chaplain's Office

There’s one door on campus that’s always open, and it leads to the Office of the Chaplain.

“Anyone can walk in and talk,” Chaplain John Walsh said. “This is a place where you can drop in. If you have an agenda, bring it, but if you just want to come in and talk, you can any time.”

Walsh, who has been the Omer E. Robbins Chaplain to the University for 16 years, moved back to the Chapel in May after having spent six years in the Armacost Library. Peter Tupou of Campus Events was asked to become his assistant, and will help with everything from greeting office visitors to managing the Chapel.

“I felt like I died and went to heaven, not just because I have an administrative assistant again, but it is who it is that makes it more special,” Walsh said. “Peter is highly respected and well known, and this is the perfect fit.”

Tupou is also thrilled to be part of the Office of the Chaplain.

“This was life changing in a sense,” he said. “It was unexpected, and has been amazing. I keep waiting for the honeymoon period to be over, but it doesn’t end, and only gets better.”

The pair will be busy, as the Memorial Chapel draws thousands of visitors and hosts about 800 events each year, including convocations, concerts, religious services and lectures.

“I’ll be working with anyone using the Chapel, and especially to support the student groups that are faith-based, liked InterVarsity, Praxis, Newman Club, and Hillel,” Tupou said. “I want to help them grow and get stronger.”

As for the Chaplain, while his door is always open, he doesn’t plan on staying inside of the Chapel all day.

“I believe in a ministry of presence,” Walsh said. “I’ll spend a lot of time outside of my office. Being visible is important to me.”

Posted: September 6, 2013
Written by: Catherine Garcia

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