2013 Legacy Reception

Legacy Reception

Josie Roque-Rivera '84 and her daughter, Gabriela Roque-Rivera '17.

Generations of Bulldogs gathered Wednesday afternoon in the Heritage Lounge for the Alumni Connection Reception for Legacy Families.

About 70 people attended the event, which is hosted by Alumni Relations to help incoming freshmen feel welcome and get to know their fellow legacy students.

“We came because we thought it would be a good bonding experience, and nice to share being Bulldogs together,” Gabriela Roque-Rivera ’17 of Redlands said.

“I am really excited she is a legacy,” her mother, Josie Roque-Rivera ’84, said. “Being from Redlands, this school was a big focal point in town, and being here was very special.”

Rebecca Onta ’82 of Honolulu attended the reception with her daughter, Mie Minami ’17. Minami chose Redlands not only because of her mother’s connection to the University, but also because of its reputation.

“I heard it was a really good school, and that the campus was beautiful,” she said.

“The University of Redlands is a very special place,” her mother added. “I’m excited for her to stay here all four years.”

Michael McFarlane ’90 and his daughter, Madison McFarlane ’17 of Palm Desert discovered that they have an even deeper connection to the University than most other students and their parents.

“Her freshmen dorm is Anderson, and so was mine,” Michael McFarlane said. “We went and found out her room is right across from where I was. Some 20 odd years later, she is right across the hall from my old stomping grounds.”

Madison McFarlane chose Redlands because of the memories her father shared with her about his time on campus.

“I decided to come here because my dad really appreciated the education he received,” she said.

Posted: August 28, 2013
Written by: Catherine Garcia

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