Summer Send-Off Party

Summer send off

Mounika Parimi '14, Barton Sidles '91, Amber De Massimo '11 and Ronald Mak '15.

For Bailee Goodman ’17, the transition from high school to college is going to be easier, thanks to the Summer Send-Off Party she attended August 10.

“I feel a lot more relaxed,” the West Los Angeles resident said. “I came to the party because I thought it would be valuable to me to meet the alumni, and I knew other kids would come and it would be cool to meet people from my area that I am going to spend the next four years with.”

Summer Send-Offs are hosted by the University of Redlands and alumni with two goals: let new students and their parents meet before school starts, and answer any questions they may have about the University and college life. Parties are held in various locations around the country, and at the Los Angeles event, Maroon and Grey Student Ambassadors Mounika Parimi ’14 and Ronald Mak ’15, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Amber De Massimo '11, and alumni host Barton Sidles ’91 were on hand to share their insights and knowledge with the newest Bulldogs.

“We want them to feel as comfortable as possible when they come in and make this huge transition in life,” De Massimo said. “It really just furthers the Redlands family concept.”

About 55 people attended, making it the largest Los Angeles party to date.

“The turnout was fantastic,” De Massimo said. “This was a great blend of an intimate feel and a high energy event. A lot of the families came in really excited and kind of nervous, and you could feel the energy in the room. We were able to talk to each family and get to know them, and everyone walked away feeling they got a unique experience.”

Sidles hosted his first Summer Send-Off party three years ago, when he moved back to the United States after spending 20 years living in Europe.

“Redlands means to me friendship and great memories, which is one of the reasons I’ve been supportive of the Summer Send-Off,” Sidles said. “I want to let these students know Redlands was a very unique opportunity for me and I hope it is for them as well.”

Frankie Necoechea ’17 of Long Beach came to the Summer Send-Off with his parents, Nick and Terri, and was surprised to see familiar faces.

“I got to meet people that I didn’t even know were going,” he said. “I know some of these people from my neighborhood and it was great seeing them again and knowing they were going to the University of Redlands with me.”

His parents also found the event helpful, and put them more at ease.

“We wanted to meet other parents experiencing the same thing we’re experiencing: sending off an 18-year-old to college,” Nick Necoechea said.

“We also wanted to let our son know we are all Bulldogs and we support him,” Terri Necoechea said. “It was incredible meeting an alumni and kids currently going there.”

Posted: August 15, 2013
Written by: Catherine Garcia

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