Geography Kid Camp

Geography Kid Camp

A camper points to the right answer during a geography quiz.

On July 20, several local elementary school students had the world in their hands.

Fifteen children from Lugonia and Franklin Elementary schools came to the University of Redlands for the eighth annual Geography Kid Camp, which allowed the students to participate in activities like using Esri ARCGis Explorer to pinpoint important locations on a map.

“Using this software, the students not only looked at their homes and neighborhoods, but also at distances to see how far places are from their school,” camp director Catherine Walker, ITS manager, said. "They also drew their neighborhoods on paper, and it’s interesting to see the perspective. Some show what it looks like from their front door, others from above.”

Additional activities included a tabletop exercise that had the children exploring United States geography and research of a foreign country.

“They made a movie using their voice and still images of their country,” Walker said. “All of the students are assigned something different, and everyone watches each movie, so they learn about all of the countries. It gets them thinking about where they want to go in the world. It’s always a great part of the day, and they get to take their movies home with them on a flash drive.”

Parents came back to the camp in time to watch these movies, as well as a short presentation showing what their kids did during the day.

“They get to see how interactive everything was,” Walker said. “The parents are very grateful to be able to see what they’ve done.”

In addition to gaining computer skills, the children were also able to see the exciting things happening on a university campus.

“This gives them an opportunity they may never get,” Dr. Carol Franklin, professor emerita, told the Redlands Daily Facts. “It allows them to see what college life is about. They get the chance to mingle and eat with college students and see first-hand what a college campus is like.”

The Geography Kid Camp is run by volunteers, and donations keep it running every year. Anyone interested in giving is asked to contact Catherine Walker at 909-748-8321.

Posted: July 24, 2013
Written by: Catherine Garcia

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