Connections Day

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Over the course of two Saturdays in July, incoming freshmen gathered on campus for a preview of their new life at the University of Redlands.

“The goal of Connections Day is to connect students to each other, to help them start to make friends as they begin to start college,” Ilaria Pesco, director of the Student Leadership and Involvement Center, said. “It’s also an opportunity for parents to connect with the University to learn about resources.”

Students were able to spend July 13 and 20 on campus, and were put into small groups to explore the campus. After first playing games to break the ice, the incoming freshmen visited different departments to learn about services offered and ate lunch in the Commons.

“They also were able to see their residence hall, which for a lot of students was the big countdown for the day,” Kimberly Myers, assistant residence hall director, said.

Current students that will be orientation mentors this fall were also on hand to talk about their time so far at the University of Redlands and answer any questions.

“It was a very unique experience being able to share my experiences and help them transition into college,” Ryan Callaghan ’16 said.

Gabrielle Kanter ’17 of Las Vegas used Connections Day to find out more about certain requirements at the University.

“It helped me understand a lot of things that are specific to Redlands, like the community service requirement,” she said.

Joseph Galarza ’17 of San Dimas was able to get a sense of what it will be like once he actually lives on campus.

“I feel like Redlands really has a community feel,” he said. “That is helping me feel at home.”

Posted: August 7, 2013

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