Salzburg in May

River in Salzburg

The University of Redlands has a long tradition of sending students to Salzburg to study during the spring and fall semesters, but they also offer classes there during May Term.

According to Study Abroad Director Sara Falkenstien, two courses are typically taught each May, and classes have been offered for some time now, dating back to Interim 2002. This year, Rick Cornez, professor of math and computer science,¬†and Trish Cornez, senior lecturer of math and computer science,¬†returned to Salzburg to teach “German Expressionist Film- the Austrian Connection” together.

“Trish had been teaching a ‘Desire and Gender in Film’ class as a freshman seminar for several years,” Rick Cornez said. “Both of us had always loved film – especially of the art house variety. We had both seen some of the landmark films of the German Expressionist era…Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Metropolis, Nosferatu. It was a real education and a joy for us to be able to research and view more films from that era to be able to present a coherent sampling to our students.”

They are excited to teach their students about these films that, according to Rick Cornez, “all the great directors of our time have studied.”

“Many of the influences of German Expressionist film are Austrian in genesis and relocated to Hollywood during or after World War II,” he said.

The students that signed up for the class are all interested in film, but come from diverse backgrounds.

“We have Johnston, mathematics, business, accounting, history, government,” Rick Cornez said. “There really is no predominate major.”

Posted: May 24, 2013

Written by: Catherine Garcia

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