Choirs Performing at Carnegie

On May 25, 2013 members of the University of Redlands Choirs, along with President Ralph W. Kuncl, will sing in one of the most impressive venues in the world: Carnegie Hall.

“We are honored to be representing the University of Redlands by performing in such an historic and important concert venue,” said Dr. Nicholle Andrews, director of choral studies. “This will be an experience the students will always remember. The School of Music is very proud of our students and faculty, and this opportunity is a testament to their hard work and dedication. I am so excited to be singing in the choir with our students and President Kuncl under the baton of my colleague and newest member of the faculty of the School of Music, Dr. Joseph Modica.”

For the students, it will be a life-changing opportunity.

"Having the opportunity to perform in Carnegie Hall truly feels like I am able to knock something off of my life to-do list, and certainly fulfilling a lifelong dream,” said Teresa Fleming ’12, ’14. “I am grateful to be a student at the University of Redlands and am thankful that I have been afforded this opportunity."

“The honor of performing in Carnegie Hall is about the emotion one feels walking up on that stage with history below your feet,” said Kari Bush ’14. “You are not alone on that stage, in person or in memory. I cannot begin to express my astonishment and excitement at being given such an incredible opportunity.”

The choirs will be singing Mozart’s “Requiem” alongside a professional orchestra and soloists, under the direction of Modica, visiting assistant professor of music in the School of Music.

“Few works are as spiritually moving as this one, and certainly none surpass it; I could sing it dozens of times, yet it is freshly inspiring always," said Kuncl.¬†"This time I draw my inspiration from singing side by side with some amazing artists—the students I have grown to love and admire, and my colleagues Nicholle Andrews and Joe Modica, who command my respect for their mastery, compassion, and friendship. It doesn’t get any better than this.”

The University was invited to participate by Mid-America Productions.

“The University of Redlands Choirs will be joining several other singers from California, New Jersey, and Michigan in the performance, for a total of over 125 singers,“ Andrews said.

To prepare, the students will continue to rehearse “Requiem” through May Term.

“When we arrive in New York, we have two rehearsals with the entire choir, and one rehearsal with the orchestra and soloists,” Andrews said. “The students are tremendously excited, and have been working very hard to prepare for such a prestigious event.”

"It's a dream come true for me and a long time coming for the University of Redlands,” said Milton Jackson ‘14. “This will be my first time performing in New York City and I cannot wait. Dr. Andrews has done amazing work over the years building an incredible choral program, and to receive recognition in the highest esteem by performing at Carnegie Hall this spring is a testament to what she's done."

While in New York City, the students will take a private tour of the Metropolitan Opera House, where they will speak with a professional musician, and embark on a dinner cruise around Manhattan.

If you would like to make a contribution toward scholarships for students to attend this trip, please contact the School of Music at 909-748-8700.

Posted: May 18, 2013
Written by: Catherine Garcia

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