New Partner for Engineering

New partner announced for engineering program at University of Redlands

Partnership with Washington University provides for dual degrees within five years

REDLANDS Jan. 17, 2013 – The University of Redlands has announced a new partner school for its engineering combined degree program. The engineering program started last year as a partnership with Columbia University and now Washington University at St. Louis has been added. This opportunity affords students the opportunity to earn both a B.S. from Washington University’s School of Engineering or Applied Science and a B.A. or B.S. from Redlands. The program combines the strengths of a liberal arts education in a small college setting with professional education at a highly regarded school of engineering.

“We're thrilled to add Washington University in St. Louis as another top-tier option for Redlands students who are interested in engineering. Washington's School of Engineering has impressive programs in a variety sub-fields including a chemical engineering department with a strong environmental focus and mechanical engineering department that has a unique relationship with Boeing, whose defense headquarters are just outside of St. Louis. When a combined-degree student moves from Redlands to St. Louis after their Junior year, they'll already have demonstrated that they can master college-level math and science courses, so Washington's School of Engineering has invested a lot of thought and resources in ensuring their success with them,” said Eric Hill, associate professor of Physics who has led much of the program development efforts for the partnership.


Structured accordingly, students would first invest three years at the University of Redlands completing their general education requirements, pre-engineering courses, and the requirements for their major. During the second semester of their junior year, they apply for admission to Washington University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, which is guaranteed if they have successfully fulfilled the program’s requirements.

The final two years of the program would then be completed at Washington University at St. Louis. Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded a double major—one from Redlands and the other from Washington University. Students are free to pair any Redlands undergraduate major with any Washington University engineering or applied science major although the pre-engineering requirements are most compatible with the Physics B.A. or individualized Johnston emphases, Hill explained.

In addition to preparing students for a career in the industry, the degrees offer entree to graduate work in engineering, mathematics, or the physical sciences.

“Regardless of whether a student participates in this Combined Degree program, the pre-engineering courses, in combination with a science or math undergraduate degree, are good preparation for enrolling in an Engineering graduate program,” Hill said, adding that students interested in this program must work closely with a program advisor to develop a suitable plan of study. Hill said that in addition to the Columbia and Washington University agreement, additional partnerships with other universities offering affiliate engineering degrees are in development at the University of Redlands in order to provide students with a variety of options and experiences at renowned U.S.-based schools.

More information and requirements for the program can be found at

Program Contact:
Eric Hill, Associate Professor
(909) 748-8659

Media Contact:
Patty Zurita
(909) 748-8387


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