Meet the ASUR President


Meet Jacque Balderas

With graduation just two semesters away, Jacque Balderas ’13 is ready to get out into the world and eventually start her own nonprofit.

But first, she’s got some business to take care of on campus.

Balderas is this year’s ASUR President, a position she arrived at after serving as social affairs director. As president, she oversees the budget that comes from student fees, leads the ASUR Cabinet, and attends Board of Trustees meetings, serving as a bridge between the student body and faculty and staff. One of her goals is to make the sustainability representative a permanent fixture on the ASUR cabinet.

“I really want that as part of the legacy,” she said.

Balderas guides by taking on all responsibilities, and is able to switch gears and fill in wherever necessary.

“A great leader finds a balance and follows and leads when appropriate,” she said. “Followers are leaders, too. Everyone has a different role, and you have to do whatever works for you.”

A sociology major with a double minor in business administration and Spanish, Balderas originally planned on studying theatre arts. It was during her second semester that she got “the leadership bug.”

“I didn’t do things like this in high school,” she said. “I became super involved and climbed the ladder and took bigger responsibilities on.”

In addition to being part of ASUR, Balderas was also a member of SPURS, served as a peer career guide, is in the Delta Kappa Psi sorority, and is a Maroon and Grey Student Ambassador.

“Getting involved is one of the biggest things that made my experience,” she said. “It’s how I met my best friend. You need to put yourself out there, and you’ll have a much more gratifying experience.

“The combination of students is what makes us stand out from the rest,” she added. “I was personally transformed by this campus; you can be whoever you want to be and make yourself who you want to be.”

According to Balderas, there’s no shortage of ways to get involved and make your mark.

“I like to say that Redlands throws opportunities at you,” she said. “All you have to do is go out there and get them.”

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