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Professor Tyler Nordgren talks about the universe

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  • Tim Krantz, a professor of environmental studies at the University of Redlands and an authority on the flora of the San Bernardino Mountains, says that during the last ice age, about a million years ago, the San Bernardino, San Gabriel and Santa Ynez...... »

  • Tyler Nordgren, a professor at University of Redlands in California, approached Cornucopia in 2007 about documenting the night sky in Chaco. Since then, Nordgren has traveled to many national parks to observe both the stars and light pollution. ... »

  • University of Redlands Professor Jim Blauth, who also recruited four U of R students and one Redlands High School student to receive training and become the senior stewards who guided the children through the program.... »

  • Bing Bai reports on job growth regionally and statewide... »

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