The Ruhl Plays

Ruhl Plays

Theatre Arts Department presents

The Ruhl Plays: "Dead Man’s Cell Phone" and "Eurydice"

8 p.m. April 4, 5 and 6
2 p.m. April 7
Glenn Wallichs Theatre

The University of Redlands Theatre Arts Department presents two plays by playwright Sarah Ruhl.

In "Dead Man’s Cell Phone," Jean answers a stranger’s phone, and this starts a fantastical journey that includes finding love, traveling to South Africa, dying, learning how heaven works and finally returning to life.

"Eurydice" employs both comic and tragic tactics to shape this modern look at the Greek myth about love, longing and reconciliation. In the play, the lord of the underworld rides a bike, and the father builds his daughter a room of string in the land of the dead, while a chorus of stones guards the entrance to the underworld.

The evening's plays are directed by Chris Beach and include elements of dance, circus and magic. The costume and scenic designs by Nephelie Andonyadis depict two vastly different and strangely beautiful worlds. Trevor Norton’s lighting design evokes the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch and Edward Hopper. Chad Ohlheiser’s sound design merges ancient and modern vocabulary, and Kirsten Johansen’s choreography and movement is at once eerie and jubilant.

The evening runs just over 2 hours, including intermission.

Additionally, the Glenn Wallichs Theatre lobby will display the pre-production process including Powerpoint highlights of the scenic and costume design.

Tickets for the event are available by calling 909-748-8028
$12 general admission
$8 with university ID
$8 senior citizens

"Dead Man’s Cell Phone" Cast

Gordon—Erin Ingoldsby-Stevenson
Jean—Olivia Spirz
Mrs. Gottlieb—Jillian Ferry
Dwight—Isaak Berliner
Hermia—Alyssa Good
Other Woman—Lillie Reising
Stranger—Clara Blickenstaff

"Eurydice" Cast

Eurydice—Kelly Odor
Orpheus—Ian Schutzman
Father—Ryan Cohen
Nasty Interesting Man, Lord of the Underworld—Jeremy Wiley
Big Stone—Rebecca Pilcher/Sydney Roberts
Little Stone—Gina Chapman
Loud Stone—Ron Blakely

Production Team

Director—Chris Beach
Costume & Set Designer—Nephelie Andonyadis
Lighting Designer—Trevor Norton
Sound Designer—Chad Ohlheiser
Choreographer—Kirsten Johansen

Aaron Ingoldsby-Stevenson, Olivia Spirz, Clara Blickenstaff, Lillie Reising, Jillian Ferry and Alyssa Good perform the Cell Phone Ballet in "Dead Man’s Cell Phone"

Olivia Spirz and Alyssa Good in "Dead Man’s Cell Phone"

Ian Schutzman descending into the Underworld in "Eurydice"

For more information, please visit the website or call the Theatre Arts Department at 909-748-8028 or 909-748-8728.

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