New Exhibit at Peppers

Art Show

The Peppers Art Gallery presents “Bookish”, a mixed-media exhibit from artists Christine Reising and Redlands alumna LisaBeth Robinson ’91.

The show is described as a presentation of art “in, of, and around books” and will feature mixed-media prints, books, and an installation piece. Many pieces will feature milagros, protective charms intended to bring good fortune and healing.

"I often use objects that are empowered to protect, heal, or bring good luck," Reising said. "Attaching milagros onto the books and prints is one way that I am attempting to accomplish that."

"It's such an honor to come back and see how much the University gave me," said Robinson, a Johnston graduate. "Displaying my work and working with the art students here is such a privilege. Redlands gives you a lifetime of community."

Peppers Art Gallery will display the exhibit from Nov. 15 to Dec. 10.

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