ISEA Employment Analysis

ISEA Employment Analysis

Annual Percent Changes in Employment in Populated Areas by Zip Code, Sep 2011

Job Numbers Up for California, Southern California Lagging Behind

Year-over-Year Job Growth Map Mirrors July

Author: Bing Bai
Contact: Johannes Moenius,, 909-557-8161

ISEA study finds year-over-year job growth in California this month mirrors July’s map with increased job numbers compared to last month. Significant job growth is still seen in San Jose, Santa Cruz, and Stockton area. Added job numbers in Southern California are lagging behind where we see more modest, but also more geographically widespread improvement in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County.

The overall month-over-month job growth has not changed much this month except that Los Angeles County. This area has seen significant improvement with a few pockets of more than 3% job growth compared to the idling machine last month. However, Yuba City has seen significant job losses (more than 3%); Sacramento, San Luis Obispo, and Bakersfield have seen moderate job losses (1% - 3%) compared to last month where moderate job growth (1% - 3%) were observed in these areas.

Year-over-Year Metro Market Findings in Southern California

Inland Empire

  • Riverside and San Bernardino have not changed much from last month and remain sluggish in employment changes with most areas idling (-1% to 1% job growth).
  • The whole area still appears patch, i.e. some areas have seen significant job growth (more than 3%) over the last year such as east of Palm Spring and a small area near Glen Avon, other areas are still shedding jobs such as northeastern of Palm Spring and Fontana, and areas with job growth can neighbor those with job losses.

Los Angeles County

  • Compared to last month, the job growth in LA County has improved to a great extent especially the Central LA areas have stepped out of idling status.
  • Areas near Pasadena, San Gabriel, and La Verne have shown significant job growth (more than 3%) this month, however Palmdale and Santa Clarita areas still appear patchy although some zip codes have started adding jobs (1% - 3%).

Orange County

  • Orange County has shown consistent improvement on job growth with most areas posing moderate job growth (1% - 3%) where last month’s patchy pattern has disappeared.
  • Small areas in Orange, area between Garden Grove and Anaheim, and the southeastern area of Newport Beach have seen job growth in excess of 3%, while a large area in the north of the county still remains idling (-1% to 1% job growth).

San Diego County

  • San Diego County remains the same pattern this month where most areas have seen 1% to 3% year-over-year job growth.
  • Areas near San Luis Rey and San Marcos have seen significant job growth of more than 3%, while some locations in the inland region still appear idling (-1% to 1% job growth).

The researchers combined today’s data release on employment by industry from the California Employment Development Department with business pattern data by Zip code and industry from the U.S. Census Bureau to arrive at their projected values. The researchers point out that, given the data available to them, their projected values are only rough approximations of the true values, and that accuracy is higher for counties with larger populations. Despite those shortcomings, the observed patterns should still be helpful for decision makers in politics, businesses and organizations to determine where to best direct their efforts.


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