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LEarNing Spatially (LENS)


LEarNing Spatially (LENS) is a campus-wide initiative promoting spatial thinking in curriculum, programs and research. Spatial thinking is the ability to visualize and interpret location, distance, direction, relationships, movement and change through space. In a world where rich visualizations and geospatial tools are the norm, spatial thinking is a significant asset for our faculty, our students and our institution.

Our initiative represents a lead effort in understanding how geospatial technologies can be linked to the greater objectives of critical thinking and problem-based learning. Our approach harnesses the integrative power of geography with technologies to help faculty and students visualize knowledge, solve problems and understand relationships through a spatial lens.

LENS is one aspect of the spatially-related programming and activities at the University of Redlands. We work closely with our colleagues in the graduate program in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as well as the Redlands Institute to reach our goal of creating and cultivating a spatially-infused learning community.

For more information, visit LENS.

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