Class Visitations and "Seasoned" Faculty Classroom Visits

At your invitation, Kathy Ogren (Hunsaker Distinguished Teaching Chair) is available to help you learn more about your own teaching through a class visit followed by a discussion focused on your summary of your objectives and goals , and an assessment of how the class went. Usually the meeting takes place over coffee or lunch, so that there will be enough time for reflection.

Kathy will try to offer helpful suggestions about what she sees. As a follow up to the observation, Hunsaker will send you a copy of Ken Bains' What the Best College Teachers Do as a way for you to further your reflection on teaching.

Or, maybe you would prefer to study teaching by making a visit to a classroom yourself. Obviously, you can ask any of your colleagues for that opportunity, but we also have "seasoned" teachers who have volunteered to open their classes up to you.

If you select this program, Kathy will send you a list with their names and contact information. For more information, please e-mail Professor Kathy Ogren.

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He is named after Clarence Howe Thurber, University president from 1933-37.

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