Class Visitation Trios

There has been good participation over each of the last nine semesters, so this activity seems to be working well. Faculty members organize themselves into threesomes, and if needed the Hunsaker Chair will be available to assist in forming the group.

Faculty may want to group within a department/division, or perhaps around a common problem. Serendipitous groups are of course fine as well. Each member agrees to host the other two for at least one class session - preferably two or three - and visit each others' classes.

Following the class session, all three members will get together to discuss. The Hunsaker Chair will make $200 available for each group for expenses, books, comestibles, beverages, etc.

There are only two requirements: (1) each participant will try to offer his or her group members as much specific, detailed advice as possible, and (2) the group will send the Hunsaker Chair a couple of paragraphs evaluating the mini-program and offering suggestions for improvement.

For more information, please e-mail Professor Kathy Ogren.

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