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Redlands students frequently fare well in prestigious national scholarship competitions. Recent students have claimed high-profile awards including Fulbright awards, Goldwater science scholarships and the Rotary International Ambassadorial award.

In the past two years, six Redlands students have nabbed the elite Fulbright awards, drawing attention to the school and its academic success. The scholarships, which are the highest and most competitive awards for overseas research, provide funding for students to travel internationally and conduct research. Only about 11 percent of all Fulbright awards are given to undergraduate students.

Redlands students also have snagged the Goldwater Scholarship Program award – a scholarship considered the premier undergraduate award in math, the natural sciences and engineering. The scholarships cover academic costs including tuition and books.

Students from Redlands also have been among winners of the Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship Program, which provide funding for students to spend a year studying abroad. The awards cover costs including transportation, room and board and education supplies.

Students who win these and other prestigious awards often go on to elite graduate schools, or find themselves with top flight job offers. They often find that once they win one of these awards, earning other scholarship money and grants also is easier.

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