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Faculty Honors

Faculty Distinctions and Honors

Redlands faculty members are renowned as leaders in teaching and innovation. They are recognized formally and informally throughout the year for their advancements and achievements.

Informally, our students frequently give their professors rave reviews. They credit them for challenging students to think critically, to try projects or career paths they might not have otherwise considered, or to become more well-rounded leaders. In fact, the lifelong relationships students develop with professors are cherished, and part of what makes a Redlands education so unique.

Other recognition for Redlands faculty comes in more formal ways. The University annually recognizes a College of Arts and Sciences Professor of the Year. Faculty also regularly receive national and international recognition, including Fulbright Grants for Research and invitations to share their insights in prestigious journals and conferences.

The University has five Centers of Distinction.
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Redlands is committed to offering innovative learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

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