Innovation & Research

Innovative Teaching

Innovative Teaching

At Redlands, you won’t find professors regurgitating the same tired presentations and lectures, year after year.

Instead, faculty members are constantly striving to improve their teaching skills and working to keep up with changes in their fields of expertise.

Teachers can regularly attend on-campus seminars and workshops designed to introduce them to the latest teaching technology. Professors frequently use multimedia, including video clips and interactive software, to engage students in the learning process.

Professors generally know about the latest research-based teaching practices and are encouraged to conduct classes and introduce information in ways that meet students’ different academic needs and learning styles.

Redlands professors also are known for making teaching personal, developing one-on-one relationships with students and encouraging them to participate in out-of-class learning activities. Students and professors can often be found eating together on campus, and some professors make a habit of hosting students in their homes for small and large group academic discussions and other activities.

Design through Math
Appleton Hall

The back of the University of Redlands own Appleton Hall contains a mathematically designed ‘Echo Chamber’ that uses calculated angles to refract sound.

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