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New Spring Student Checklist

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Save the date!  New Student Orientation is mandatory and will take place all day on Sunday, January 10, 2016. It is important that you complete the required items below as quickly as possible so that your spring registration is not delayed!

  1. Pay your admissions deposit. If you have not paid your deposit, please STOP and contact the Admissions office.
  2. If you will be living on campus, review the "All About Housing" information, then make your top five housing choices. Make a note of your choices and enter them in step 5. 
  3. If you will be living off campus you must petition and be approved.  Review the Off Campus web page for more information.
  4. Review the meal plan information, and make your meal plan choice. Make a note of your choice and enter it in the next step. Bon Appétit Meal Plan Brochure
  5. Fill out the Housing Application.  You can find this on the Student Life Portal under the "Applications" tab.  Go to the Redlands portal, just under the photo at the top, look for the link to "Student Life" portal.  You are required to complete this even if you plan to live off campus.  Due December 18th
  6. Schedule a doctor appointment ASAP so that your Immunization Verification Form won't be delayed.
  7. Complete the Health Insurance Verification Form by December 18. Need more information? Read the University Health Insurance Brochure.
  8. Complete the Medical History Questionnaire by December 18.
  9. Submit your Immunization Verification form (print and give to your doctor) to the Student Health Center by December 18.
  10. Complete the Financial Responsibility form. Fill out online then print, sign and fax or mail to the address on the form by Dec. 18.
  11. Register for New Student Orientation here.  To register you will be asked for your student ID number.  Guests are welcome!
  12. Read about and sign up for the Bulldog Alert.
  13. Need to update your address?  You can do that using Web Advisor.

Important Phone Numbers:

909-748-8359 - Academic Advising
909-748-8108 - Academic Support Services
909-748-8074 - Admissions Office
909-748-8047 - Financial Aid
909-748-8021 - Health Center
909-748-8053 - Housing Office
909-748-8019 - Registrar's Office
909-748-8053 - Student Life Office
909-748-8184 - Student Accounts

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