Redlands Connections Day!

Bulldog Puppies

Redlands Connections Day for 2014 is scheduled for July 12.

Redlands Connections Day is an opportunity for new Redlands students and parents to be welcomed to the University community and to get an early start making connections, exploring available resources, and making new friends.


Connections Day is one of the first opportunities to:

  • meet your classmates
  • learn about the resources around campus designed to help your transition to college
  • experience Bon Appetit food service
  • meet up with students living in your residence hall and check out where you will be living
  • visit the bookstore
  • have fun!


Now begins the journey for you and your student to get connected to the larger Bulldog family.  The goal of the day is to:

  • provide information that will be especially useful in your students' time at Redlands
  • learn about the resources around campus designed to help your student transition to college
  • hear about the Redlands approach to a liberal arts education
  • experience Bon Appetit food service
  • explore the residence hall where your student will be living.

The transition to college is a major adjustment and Redlands Connections Day is the first step in this journey.  Come join us for Redlands Connections Day on July 12th.

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