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Squatting (Keeping your Current Room)

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A squatter is a student who wants to stay in their current housing location for next Fall. If you want to be a squatter or you want to share a room or suite with a squatter, fill out the “Squatting or Living with a Squatter” Form by Thursday, March 13th and you’re done! No need to go through Room Draw!

Remember students are able to squat their bed space, not their room. Current roommates must agree on who will be squatting the room for the Fall. If you are squatting your room alone, you will be asked to move into another squatted room with someone else who also applied alone. 

Squatting is ONLY available if you live in:

  • A double, triple or quad room
  • Located in Cal-Founders, Cortner, Grossmont, Melrose, or Anderson outside of the music floor
  • OR if you are applying to return to your themed community AND you have also completed the Themed Community Application. 

 Squatting your room means that you will NOT be participating in Room Draw and will not receive a lottery number. If you want to participate in Room Draw instead, you must forfeit your squatted room prior to March 21. You may not go through Room Draw if you are in a squatted room and have not forfeited it prior to this date.  

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